The Mindful is the New Skinny Library is full of meditations, recipes, tips, guides, and more! All Meditations and Resources are divided by the steps that correlate with the book. 

Each meditation is approximately 10 minutes long. The Pink buttons have the chapter names and you can access the meditations and resources there, or just click the picture. Both lead to same place. Enjoy!

Step One 

Enough Already! Taming Your Inner Critic

But, I Can't Meditate - Show Me How

This "general awareness of breath" meditation can be practiced on a daily basis.

I'm Beating Myself Up - Make Me Stop

This meditation will help calm down critical thoughts, practice self-compassion and being kind to yourself.

Step Two

You're Grounded! Finding your Center

This meditation is adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn's mountain meditation in his MBSR program.

It's All TOO Much - Finding Calm in the Chaos

This meditation will help you become strong and stable so you can execute your responsibilities well and not let the judgments of others affect you.

Step Three

Ditch the Diet Mindset. It Doesn't Work!

I'm Fed Up With Dieting - Now What? 

This meditation will help you shift your mindset and free yourself from chronic dieting.

Step Four

Whoa! Slow it Way Down: Eating With Intention

My Cravings Are Out of Control - Learn How to Ride the Crave Wave 

Try this meditation when you are having a craving.

I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Bag of Chips - Where Did it Go? 

This meditation will help you eat mindfully and with intention if you do eat something you crave. In addition, it will teach you how to savor and fully enjoy your food. This meditation is done with our eyes open. Before you begin, have a piece of dark chocolate, raisin or any tasty small bite of something flavorful nearby. 

Step Five

Serenity Now! Quieting the Mind

My Brain Doesn't Have an Off Switch - Calming Down Thoughts

This meditation will help you practice present moment awareness and continue to use the breath as a focal point to calm down thoughts and relax the body. 

Step Six

Feel the Burn! Processing Your Stress

I Don't Want to Feel This, I Prefer Retail Therapy

This meditation will help you explore how to process your emotional or physical pain. You can do this meditation regularly or when you're hurt, upset, angry or in pain of any kind. 

I'm Tense & I Don't Even Know It - Get to Know Your Body

This meditation is a body scan to help you connect with your body, and the sensations and signals it gives you. This connection will also help you tune in to tensions throughout your day, so you can relax your shoulders when they are hunched, or jaw when clenched. For this meditation, you may lie down if that's comfortable for you and put a pillow under your legs. Some find this meditation helpful to do before bedtime, as it can be extremely relaxing. 

Step Seven

Reboot! Resetting Your Programs

I'm Stuck in a Rut - Help Me Move Forward

This meditation helps to break through negative core beliefs that keep you stuck, and helps move you forward. 

Step Eight

Shift Your Perspective! Finding Beginner's Mind

Why Can't I be Happy? Finding Joy in a Busy World

This meditation will help you retrain your mind to scan life for the good, instead of always looking for something to fix or focusing on what's wrong in your life. 

Step Nine

Develop Nutritious Relationships. Handling Conflicts With Others

Why Can't We Just Get Along? Finding Empathy

In this meditation, you are going to focus on accepting the perfectly imperfect nature of relationships. 

Step Ten

Forgive Selfishly! Cultivating Compassion

Peace Out - Spread the Love

In this meditation, you are going to forgive yourself and send compassion to others.