When your family disagrees with your politics….

Family gatherings can have their moments of stress, but post election divisiveness makes this Thanksgiving particularly dicey. What do you do when your family disagrees with your politics?

Here are some suggestions:
Avoidance: Cancel your plans. This may not be practical or desirable, and may make things worse. Not your best option.

Make a pact: Everyone agrees not to discuss politics. This may work until your uncle has one too many, but a good idea if it lasts.

Listen to understand: This is definitely the most challenging option of all, but it just may be your best option for family unity. Everyone has beliefs based on how they grew up and what their experience has been. You may agree to disagree, but understanding how a person can feel a certain way, may bring you some peace. Having an open mind is important and putting your ego aside is necessary. Not everyone who backed Trump is a bigot and racist.

I wish you peace and harmony this Thanksgiving! There is enough ugliness in the world right now, that you need family more than ever.

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