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Mindful Moms – Private Facebook Community and Meditation Group


Keep your mind in shape!

We constantly worry about our bodies being fit, but what about our minds?

Our overactive minds drive us crazy with negative fantasies about the future, never-ending to do lists, and the constant feeling that we’re not doing enough. It seems we are always struggling to keep our head above water while simultaneously trying to eat 1000 calories or less. It’s time to say: ENOUGH! This group will help you keep your shit together in this crazy world we live in.

We need to learn to manage and exercise our minds, much like we do our bodies.

Keep your mind in shape by getting support, inspiration, and accountability from an incredible community of like-minded women. This group will bring more joy, peace, fulfillment, health and sanity to your life. Jodi Baretz, therapist, health coach and author of “Mindful Is the New Skinny,” will lead the group to less stress and more health and happiness by inviting you to change how you view your challenges, introducing you to another perspective and a new way of thinking and being. She will be discussing topics from her book each month, mindfulness bootcamp group and much more. This information and techniques have changed her life and the lives of many clients and she can't wait to share them with you!

Topics include: Self-care, wellness, mindful and healthy eating, stress reduction, mindfulness, meditation, parenting and relationships. Basically, the dramas of everyday life!

You can participate if you are local to Westchester or from anywhere!

**If you are not local, you can still benefit from the valuable content and support in the group.


Facebook group: 

  • Support from Jodi and a growing like-minded community.
  • Valuable content and from Jodi Baretz’ book and bootcamp.
  • Access to meditations, resources, recipes and more.
  • A sacred safe place to share and inspire, get real and personal (if you feel comfortable and inclined- not a requirement).

In Person meet ups for locals:

  • Monthly Monday mornings or evenings, or Friday afternoons, meet up group at The Center for Health and Healing.
  • Includes Summer Lake Meditation Group.
  • Planned events: Mom's night out, retreats and more.
In person meetings are held:
First Monday of the month
  • 10:30 am- 11:45 pm
  • 7:00pm - 8:15pm
First Friday of the month
  • 1:00-2:15
You pick one group a month. Usually come to same one, but if you miss a group, you can come to any one that month.
All dates will be posted in Facebook group.
                    Mondays           Fridays                                     
October             1st                  5th
November         5th                  2nd
December         10th                7th (second Monday due to holiday)
January             7th                 11th
February           4th                 1st
March                4th                 1st
April                  1st                  5th
May                   6th                  3rd
June, July, August at Lake

Location: The Center for Health and Healing, 4 Smith Avenue, 2nd floor, Mt. Kisco, NY

Be a part of a like minded growing supportive community! It's a truly special place.

Life is too hard to go it alone.

For 29.99 per month, you will get a monthly class, Facebook group and access to group activities. You can cancel at anytime.

For $40.00 you can attend an individual class, or pay an extra fee for group activities if applicable.

Unless otherwise noted, programs and events held in Mt. Kisco or Millwood, located in Westchester County, New York, near Chappaqua, Briarcliff Manor, Pleasantville, Armonk and Bedford.